Day 4 – A Year of Writing

I’m eagerly waiting to know what my Master’s dissertation’s grade is. I’m told we should know either tomorrow or this upcoming Sunday. I handed the 15,000 word -well, 14,927 word- work over a month and a half ago at this point, and I’ve been nervous about it on and off ever since. My adviser seemed rather pleased with it when I spoke to him, he even suggested I convert my dissertation into the form of an article, so that I can have my theory attributable to me in an academic journal. I’ve been working on that ever since he suggested it, but it remains rather difficult still to produce a copy with which I’m comfortable submitting for publication. Cutting the paper which barely stayed below the word limit in half is no small challenge. I’ve got a deadline for November 18th to have a workable copy, here’s to hoping.

Of course, a different sort of stress is finding a job once I return to the United States. While I think that anthropologists have great worth in the professional world, many non-anthropologists tend to misunderstand exactly what anthropologists bring to the corporate table. It is my intention to stay within academia during and after a PhD program, but I also would am keen to stay connected to anthropology outside of applying for those programs. Perhaps a future post of mine will be why anthropologists are needed in the business world. Though I should probably do that as an ongoing series separate from this writing everyday challenge.


Author: Darek Not Derek

Anthropologist, UXer, Unapologetic Chicagoan.

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