Day 10 – A Year of Writing

Firstly I want to apologize again that I didn’t have a post yesterday, I was on a plane and then passed out the very moment I was able to when I got home from the airport. That being said, it is nice to be back in Chicago. It was a great night to come back, the Chicago Cubs won the world series for the first time since 1908. I’m still in shock and do not fully know if I believe it yet. I actually was asleep when the Cubs technically won the game. There I was, sleeping soundly, when outside it sounded like a war zone. The chatter of small bottle rockets were answered by thunderous booms from the larger mortars and the sky lit up with blues and reds. Honestly it made it a little hard to sleep, but I was not upset about it. This celebration was 108 years in the making, the city deserved to let loose a little.

I’m now unpacking and trying to find places to put things. I’ll need to clean up and find more space or maybe even move to a new part of the city when I find a job -or move to a completely different city if I find work there instead-. Unpacking is the only part of travel worse than packing in my opinion.

I’ll be returning to writing and editing my article now that things have started settling down. Without a looming move date, I can focus a bit better on my studies and my applications. I’m also working on learning a few new languages. While I know that Duolingo and Code Academy are not the best ways to learn languages and code, it is nice to have something convenient for practicing. I plan on finding Polish classes here in Chicago since I am now able to vote in Polish elections. Makes sense, if I’m a citizen then I should attempt to learn its official language.


Author: Darek Not Derek

Anthropologist, UXer, Unapologetic Chicagoan.

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