Day 19 – A Year of Writing

Coffee has been part of my daily routine ever since the days of junior year’s Techweek -also known as Hell Week- in High School. This is when the months of rehearsals for acting and the months of design for lights, sound, and set construction come together to practice in concert for the upcoming show. It’s called “Hell week” by many because of the sheer amount of things that can -and do- go wrong, with little time to fix them. For High School students, the stresses of class for the day are compounded by the long hours of that week and the fires that need to be addressed. Though we knew we could always count on one thing: coffee. My soundboard operator -who is still one of my best friends- would run over to the 7-11 convenience store a block away from school right after classes ended but before we needed to start setting up the equipment for the night. The brand they sell there is called “Green Mountain Coffee” and it is about as bad as you suspect. However, there is something about the cheapness in that caffeine that made it delicious, especially to the pour students that we were. Cups of GM coffee got us through the tedious nights ahead and in the end, we had a production that would make any other high school theatre envious.

Nights studying in college, mornings after long nights, and just catching up with friends, coffee has fostered so many productive and relaxing situations for me. As I write this, I wait for my Moka Pot to finish making another cup of coffee for me. This is now my prefered way of making a cup of joe. I appreciate the coffee it makes, but also the design of it. The lower chamber is filled with water, a funnel and basket with the coffee grounds then are placed on top of the lower chamber, and finally an upper chamber is screwed on which seals the lower chamber. You but the Moka Pot on the stove on lower heat. Eventually the water in the bottom boils, forcing steam up the funnel and through the coffee grounds. The steam cools back to liquid form and continues to be pushed up the stem in the upper chamber, then is deposited in the basin in the upper chamber. It’s such a cool idea to me. Steamed coffee right in your own home for less than twenty bucks -average price of a moka pot-. Well the coffee is done, so I’ll go enjoy that and then start editing my review of the Project Fi.


Author: Darek Not Derek

Anthropologist, UXer, Unapologetic Chicagoan.

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