Day 26 – A Year of Writing

Journaling is something that I’ve dabbled with in the past and I used to really like it. I would post up at either my desk or a comfortable chair in my favorite pub, get out my notebook and fountain pen, and just start writing. I would write about everything from daily experiences -kind of like what I do on this blog- to thoughts I was working through that I never wanted anyone else to ever know. That’s the beauty of a pen and paper journal, or an electronic one that you never share: you can work through an idea without fear of anyone ever judging what you’ve written. Sometimes I wouldn’t agree with what I had written or was surprised that I had thought about something in a particular way. However, seeing it written out allowed me to think about it in a way that I previously could not. It was incredibly helpful. I may start writing in a journal again, it might be nice.

I’m about to make the first larger Bitcoin transaction that I’ve ever made. I’m buying just over half of the parts to build a new gaming PC and I figured, since Bitcoin is at such a high that I would get the expensive bits with some of mine off of I’ll purchase the Graphics Card, the Processor, the Motherboard, the RAM -Memory-, and a 1TB Hard Drive. That means I’ll still have to buy a tower case, a new monitor, mouse, keyboard, heatsink and fan for the Processor, and power supply, probably a wifi card, an operating system -I’ll do Windows 10-, and a Solid State Drive because I want the computer to boot quickly. Believe it or not, those last bits should only cost about 300-400 more, but the ones I’ll buy with bitcoin will be about 750. So yes, gaming computers will always cost more than consoles but I can play all the games I own on any computer because of Steam and that’s really cool to me. I think PC gaming will always be worth the extra bit of money because of better graphics, modular capabilities, and longevity. I may do a tutorial on how to build a computer as I put together this one I’m hoping to have up and running in a few weeks. Let me know if anyone would be interested in that!


Author: Darek Not Derek

Anthropologist, UXer, Unapologetic Chicagoan.

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