Day 30 – A Year of Writing

We’ve hit 30 days of writing colloquially everyone! This has already far exceeded my last attempt at writing everyday for a year. Mind you, I wrote in my journal for about a year and a half consistently before but not daily. So today is special, if only for that reason.

My computer is completely built now! My friend and I decided we couldn’t wait until Thursday to build, so we went to mircocenter last night. I’m technically still waiting on a part I have already purchased, but after checking the dimensions of the part and the internal dimensions of the case I bought I realized that this component would not fit. Luckily Newegg has a very good return policy and I don’t even plan on opening the box they’ve given me, let alone the component.

I’ve decided that in light of this recent build, I am going to have to steel myself against the temptation of just playing it all day. In fact, I’ve set out a list of things I need to complete in a day before I allow myself to play all of the amazing games that I have for PC that I haven’t been able to touch in literal years. This is going to be so great! Motivation for getting the important things done in my life. Before I can play my games I need to do my language lessons, apply for jobs, research PhD opportunities, and review some of my article. Oh, and write an entry on this blog. Not that I had too much trouble making myself do these before, but I do think having a fun reward will help me persevere.


Author: Darek Not Derek

Anthropologist, UXer, Unapologetic Chicagoan.

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