Day 36 – A Year of Writing

For the past few days I’ve slept in, but I was happy to be awake and out of bed by 830 today. Winter is coming in fuller force everyday here in Chicago, and I’m kind of excited for it. Check back with me in mid January and I’ll tell you how over it I am though. I may venture down to the Christkindlmarket in downtown Chicago one of these days to grab some glug wine. There are always large crowds and it feels really touristy, but it’s a tradition that my family has kept as long as I can remember -though mind you, I wasn’t drinking the mulled wine as a child-. There are little boots this wine is served in, which my mother adores, but this year they’ve gone a different route. Apparently too many people were complaining about a little bubble from the toe of the boot disrupting their wine drinking experience. Clearly, they’ve never seen Beerfest.


Author: Darek Not Derek

Anthropologist, UXer, Unapologetic Chicagoan.

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