Day 37 – A Year of Writing

The other day when I was checking my Project Fi -my phone carrier- app, I was pleasantly surprised by what awaited me. Fi had decided they were going to run a 4 week long customer appreciation project. They gave me a $10 credit for the Google Play Store. How cool!

Speaking of cool, my room is getting colder and colder: 58 degrees fahrenheit most of the day. I should try to see if I can wrap the windows in that plastic wrap to better insulate it. We’ll see though. The upside of the cold though means I’ve had a significantly much more productive day than I’ve had previously this week. The cold -while keeping my computer running at amazing temperatures- has discouraged me from sitting still at my gaming computer for any extended period of time. I’ll take some screenshots today though for everyone.

The word of the day looks like two words: qui vive. This noun means to be on the lookout or be on alert. While this seems to have a somewhat military use over civilian and/or colloquial, I think it’s rather nice. Especially considering how I am currently on the qui vive for the prospect of employment.


Author: Darek Not Derek

Anthropologist, UXer, Unapologetic Chicagoan.

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