Day 41 – A Year of Writing

A chilly day here in Chicago kept me inside most of the day. I only ventured out to grab the mail, but I will be leaving soon to work out with a friend later. Along with a bit of my daily routine, I did manage to play some video games on my computer. Continuing on in Metro 2033, I had to fight some of the hardest creatures so far in the game: Librarians. These are obviously supposed to be some sort of mutated gorilla from the Moscow Zoo and are a special enemy in so far as attacking them usually ends in your character dying. While there is an achievement for killing one, the safest way to deal with them is literally looking them in the eye until they yield. This is rather chilling, as this horrific looking entity stares you down, growls, takes swings at you but leaves you unable to defend yourself under threat of death. I did kill one when I ran low on gas mask filters. I did not have the luxury of time to play its game. The screenshots I took actually don’t show a Librarian, but do show the Metro Station of Polis and a few shots from the surface. I hope you enjoy!

Arriving at Polis via railcar.
Inside Polis
The surface, beware demons!

The word of the day is hors de combat, this French phrase is used in Anglophonic areas to describe things that are out of combat. Mind you, its understanding should be put out of combat as I do not believe that simply non-combatants would be described as hors de combat. Disabled is probably the most accurate definition.


Author: Darek Not Derek

Anthropologist, UXer, Unapologetic Chicagoan.

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