Day 43 – A Year of Writing

We’re supposed to get a fair amount of snow again here this weekend. I don’t look forward to having to shovel again. What’s worse is that after the snow we’re scheduled for some freezing rain as well. So if I don’t get all the shoveling done quickly, the likelihood that it’ll turn to ice is extremely high. Ah well, such is life.

Tonight I’m going to be hanging out with some of my best friends again, probably drinking a few beers. I should start doing a beer review portion of this blog as well. I realize that this blog spans a somewhat ambitious terrain, but I’m truly interested in many different areas of life. I don’t think that’s a bad thing. Though I haven’t really gotten anything done today. Sometimes you just need a lazy Friday, eh?


Author: Darek Not Derek

Anthropologist, UXer, Unapologetic Chicagoan.

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