Day 46 – A Year of Writing (I’M BACK!)

I’m back! After a long holiday break I’ve returned to writing on my blog. During this holiday season I was hanging out with family and friends. A particularly captivating bit of the holiday was when my girlfriend visited from New Hampshire. I had not seen her since we were both living in London, so it was great to catch up with her. Showing people, especially ones that I care about, around Chicago is one of my favorite things to do. We stayed in River North and got to see downtown quite a bit. The weirdly warm weather for the duration of her visit meant we were able to go on a lot of walks and see the architecture of the city without getting too cold. We celebrated new years at a place called “Beauty Bar.” This boozer is a beauty salon by day, but they throw such nights as “emo vs pop punk.” New Year’s Eve was their 90’s party. 90’s music blared late into the night, and we ended up leaving early. I guess our age is starting to show (we’re mid-twenties). I have pictures of the night somewhere, but I don’t really feel like sharing them here, haha.


Bitcoin has skyrocketed recently. It’s pushed back over the $1000 mark that it enjoyed over three years ago. The unstable global markets surely have fueled the desire to look into other forms of wealth. I believe litecoin and dogecoin also saw a slight uptick in value. While I’m sad that I spent much of my bitcoin building a computer, I am left uneasy by this price for other reasons. The blocksize debate still rages on, with some calling for a hardfork. This could effectively split the coin, making bitcoin classic and bitcoin unlimited. This happened with Ethereum and I don’t think that they’ve truly recovered from that. Ethereum classic is worth about a dollar, and Ethereum beta is worth around ten dollars usually. Such a disparity between the two worry me, and I would hate to see this happen to bitcoin.


The word of the day is emolument, which means profits or fees from office(s) held or employment. I think this word is receiving a bit more attention lately in light of the numerous conflicts of interest that the US president-elect’s businesses. A clause exists in the US constitution which aims to curtail any business profits a President may receive or create via his or her office.


In lieu of photos from NYE, I will provide some more screenshots of my recent gaming below. I hope everyone has a great 2017. Let’s get this done, eh?

Fallout 4 – Diamond City in old Fenway Park
Fallout 4 – Grumpy British Robot Barman in the Third Rail

Author: Darek Not Derek

Anthropologist, UXer, Unapologetic Chicagoan.

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