Day 49 – A Year of Writing

I slept in WAY too late today. Mind you, this was rather nice at first until the panic of having lost half my set in my mind. Luckily it’s a Saturday so I didn’t have too much planned for the day. After I got up I made some coffee, did my language lessons, and played some Company of Heroes 2 with a friend of mine. We’re both trying to get better at the game, though we’re finding ourselves facing incredibly hard opponents. Sadly the ranking system for the game isn’t that great for us yet, since we’ve played less than ten full matches. One day we’ll get better, it’s just a rather difficult game!


Tomorrow is Sunday and I believe that another friend and I are starting up a podcast talking about Space. I know that there already exist many Space podcasts, but I think we may be able to create something that people would enjoy. For the most part, he and I have a good short hand between us and are both -at least somewhat- knowledgeable about Space. What will be really nice about this is that it will force me to research more again. I’ve kind of missed having a reason I need to be learning. Learning for learning’s sake is fun and worthwhile, but I’ve found that if I have a goal that is looming I am far more likely to make a productive attempt at it. This is the same reason that when I have a job I’ll be applying to Polish language classes (maybe even some coding ones if I can manage). Either way, I’ll link our podcasts on this blog for anyone who is willing to look into it.


I’ve also been looking into getting back into the altcoin game. Not to trade between, but I really like the idea of having a multitude of coins, ranging from bitcoin to dogecoin to litecoin, to less known ones such as ReddCoin and Gridcoin. The whole idea of the Blockchain is so cool me, and this is why I want to learn more about coding so that I can actually understand the code posted on github. We live in such a cool time where we have so much access to (dis)information. I want to know all about it, consume it fully, or die trying.


Author: Darek Not Derek

Anthropologist, UXer, Unapologetic Chicagoan.

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