Day 51 – A Year of Writing

Today was rather productive but still had its discouraging moments. While I was able to work on my language lessons, coding lessons, freshly started Google analytics courses, and apply for a few jobs one had already sent back a rejection. Now I realize that hearing back either way is better than not hearing back at all, however I’ve been working really hard to find a job and have yet to have much positive in that regard. They cited lacking enough professional experience in User Experience Research. This is the field that my academic background can really excel in, but unfortunately the old catch-22 of needing three years experience for an entry level job thrives on still. In no way am I suggesting that I deserve a job, but I have worked damn hard in my studies and wish that my academic background would play a larger role in the minds of potential employers.


This, all while still thinking about when to pursue a PhD. Life can be stressful as a mid-twenties individual sometimes. I appreciate though that my life is comparatively cushy to many others. I’ll be going to the gym with my friend tonight, so maybe I can sweat out the disappointment. My goodness I feel a bit down about this.


The word of the day is immutable. This is not being capable or susceptible to change. I think that too often modern western society (at least here in the US) praises immutability in people. Whether they are politicians, family, or co-workers, we seem to like when someone “sticks to their guns.” However, I think that remain immutable in the face of new information is not venerable, but irresponsible and cavalier. Situations should be dealt with on relative levels and not dispatched with general feelings and statements.


Author: Darek Not Derek

Anthropologist, UXer, Unapologetic Chicagoan.

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