Day 52 – A Year of Writing

A few friends of mine and myself Skoozed yesterday. For those of you who do not know, Skoozing is skyping with friends who are very far away while each having some sort of alcoholic beverage. It’s like hanging out, but removed. I really enjoyed it. The majority of my friends were drinking wine, but I was rocking Half-arce’s Daisy Cutter. It’s a delicious Pale Ale from Chicago, so I was pleased to be able to enjoy a few with friends -no matter how far away they were-. That’s what is so cool to me as a Digital Anthropologist about our world today. Borders can start to disappear if you allow them. This not only happens between nations and vast oceans, but also between the physical world and the virtual. There we were, all in very physical places, hanging out together virtually. It really did feel like we were just at the pub together, having a good time. I just decided that the word “Skooze” or “Skoozing” will be the word of the day. I’m an academic, I can make up and use whatever words I please, right?


Author: Darek Not Derek

Anthropologist, UXer, Unapologetic Chicagoan.

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