Day 69 – A Year of Writing

What a week so far. At the beginning of last week The job I interviewed for in NYC got back to me saying that they were still considering the role and filling it, but that they would still let me know either way. This is somewhat frustrating, but I do understand that things take time. While I was out with my friend this weekend, he told me that my old company may be looking for someone to fill a UX researcher/designer type role in the company and that it might be worth emailing the old CEO. Luckily I’ve maintained a rather good professional relationship with the CEO and he put me in contact with the VP of marketing who said they may have some part time work in the very near future I could do for them. While part time work is less than ideal, the VP did tell me that while I had a strong academic background, I was lacking in the professional research experience area. Apparently translating academic research is rather challenging in résumé format. So if offered the position, I may take it even if it just is part time. I like the idea of adding that kind of experience to bolster my professional résumé.


I also heard back from an employment agency which may have found a position is HR for me with a rather well known hedge fund management company. I’ve sent some follow up questions about compensation and so forth, but would also consider this if I don’t hear back from the aforementioned position. Income wouldn’t be a bad thing, you know.


A friend of mine and I also are half jokingly looking at teaching English in Costa Rica. This would not really work for me though, considering how poorly compensated those teachers are and the fact that I still need to pay my student loans off.


I want to get back to my book, but figured I needed to post on this blog more frequently. Cheers.


Author: Darek Not Derek

Anthropologist, UXer, Unapologetic Chicagoan.

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