Day 67 – A Year of Writing

I was offered a position today, but ultimately I turned it down. Unfortunately the amount of money that they were willing to offer for the position was well under the industry average (by about $24,000 a year) and they did not appear willing to negotiate on the number at all. I can respect this, but also decline taking the position. So for me, the search continues. Though receiving an offer has boosted my confidence in this job hunt.


I am still waiting to hear back from the position in NYC that I interviewed for almost a month ago. I would really enjoy working with them, I hope I hear back soon. Last we spoke they said they were still deliberating between a few candidates. Presumably I was in the pool, otherwise they would have told me then and there that I was not selected.


I really adore my friends. I have another one reading through my most recent revision of my article I hope to get published. I need to get her a drink sometime. Or maybe just send her some Dogecoin, since she’s in the UK.

Day 66 – A Year of Writing

We all need a day off every now and then. Today was pretty lazy for me. At the height of my productivity today I did my language lessons and listened to a podcast while treating myself to a little coffee. I have a gift card to starbucks that has a value of 2 cents left on it. I’m excited for the next time I go and demand that they run that. I’ll feel foolish, but what’s truly foolish is leaving money on a card, no matter the value. Frugality is practical, I think, especially when lacking full time employment.


I may end up meeting up with a friend for a cocktail, though I’m unsure if it’ll actually happen. I’ll share a photo from a tiki place I was at last week. Cheers everyone.

Day 65 – A Year of Writing

I think it’s time to revamp my résumé today. I’m still looking for full time work, but was able to add a part time freelance writing gig to my day. It’s nice and I get to work on my writing, but sadly it does not pay the bills. Even after finding full time work I plan on continuing to write for this group though, I am really enjoying it. That being said, I do need to add it to my résumé. So today is a good a time as any to get my CV looking nicer and be up to date. It’s a hard market out there.


Today I also helped a friend of mine run some code, which was pretty exciting to me. Though the actual code itself was well over my head, I got to learn quite a bit about python that I had not known previously. In the end, it was not my friend’s code but his computer which was malfunctioning. We were AB testing with my computer to determine whether or not the code or the computer was the source of his coding woes.


On that note, I do need to go do my actual coding lessons for the day. I want to get to a point in my life where I don’t need my friend to explain almost every line of code and how to run it. I want to do that all myself and teach others.

Day 64 – A Year of Writing

This post is serving me as a quick break between working on my article and my coding lessons. I should make it a quicker one, because later today some friends of mine and myself will be skyping with each other and having a drink. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this is a great way of keeping in touch with your friends abroad. Sadly the time zones cause a bit of awkward drinking times every now and then. In this instance my UK friends will be drinking at 10pm, my east coast friends will be drinking at 5pm, but I have to start drinking at 4 pm. I’ll probably just have one tumbler of Koval’s Rye. My friend got me a bottle of that for my birthday, and since I don’t drink often at home at all this is a good excuse to have some of it.

I’m still searching for jobs, I’m still waiting on word from the one that I recently interviewed for. We’ll see how it goes. I really do hope I get offered a position there because I really liked the company.

I’ve reached a rather cool part of Fallout 4, and will share a photo from that. Mild Spoiler alert for anyone who hasn’t played it yet.


Day 63 – A Year of Writing

It rained really hard last night. I woke a few times to the room filling with blinding lightning followed by the biblical clap of thunder right overhead. The storm was really close last night I suppose. It was really foggy as well, which makes me think that’s why the lightning seemed so bright. I really enjoy sleeping in the rain, but I kind of wish the thunder and lightning part of it took place a bit earlier in the night so I could appreciate it without having to wake up in a start.


Last night’s gloomy weather has continued into today, and has sapped much of my motivation. This sort of day feels like it’s meant for tea, a blanket, and a good book or netflix. It definitely has kept me from working on my academic article, which is unfortunate. Soon after posting this I’ll fire up my computer and work on learning some code. I’m still working on Python which is really rewarding, but is a little frustrating sometimes. Luckily I have a good friend who is more than willing to help me out when I don’t understand why my code isn’t running the way I want it to. One day he’ll grow tired of me sending him screenshots with captions like “What am I doing wrong here?” Until then, I’ll make use of his brain and repay him with beer and discussions on anthropology and cryptocurrencies.


I probably stayed up a bit too late last night before I did try to go to sleep. I’ve been playing a lot of Fallout 4 recently, the story is starting to really kick off in my opinion. I won’t spoil anything on this blog, but I think it’s so cool. However, Fallout 3 will always have the best storyline of the Fallout series, plus you get to pretend Liam Neeson is your father and that’s pretty damn cool.

Day 62 – A Year of Writing

Recently I’ve joined a discord chat for Polish speakers learning English and English Speakers learning Polish. I really like the idea that two communities are coming together to be one, in a common interesting in learning more about each other’s language. I feel somewhat guilty partaking in the chat though, because my level of understanding in Polish is far below many of those whose first languages are English. This is not to say that I shy away, but I feel like I am able to contribute less to the discussions and wish I could participate more than I do. I suppose, that this will come with time and practice of the Polish Language. They’re a fun group though, and I thoroughly enjoy signing onto the chat to see how everyone is doing.


My fear of not having health insurance (until Medicaid gets back to me) currently got the best of me today. I chose not to go to the gym because I was worried that between jobs and waiting for Medicaid to kick in, if I were to hurt myself in the gym then I would have large problems in the form of medical debt. I feel foolish for not having gone, but I honestly would have done incredibly low weights on the day to ensure I wouldn’t get hurt. At that point I could just do calisthenics in my room, which I may do soon after posting this.


I’ll end this post with by pointing out the photo from my friend’s apartment overlooking Lake Michigan which I’ve set as the featured photo. It was cold enough recently that the lake froze over a little in some places, and sheets of ice began to form on the beach close to his house.

Day 61 – A Year of Writing

A friend of mine and myself cooked some great orange chicken from scratch last night. Hopefully that can be successfully submitted as the excuse for my lack of a blog post yesterday. I can confirm, that was a ridiculously tasty dinner. We shared stories and drank some really nice rye whiskey from the Chicago based distillery, Koval. I really enjoy what Koval puts out, but they are rather expensive. It was a really nice gift that he got me a bottle of it. I’ll probably save it for more special occasions with friends.


I’m still waiting to hear back from that one job I’ve interviewed for, I’ll email my contact there tomorrow to see if I’ve advanced into whatever next stage they have for the application process. This hasn’t kept me from applying to other places, but I really wouldn’t mind working for that company in New York. I’ll always be a Chicagoan, but I’m kind of in the mood for a change of scenery.


The word of the day is “luculent.” This adjective means clear in thought or expression. I strive to be more luculent every day, though this isn’t always easier. For writing, I’ve found that reading more and writing more are the most helpful practices to improving these life skills. I know that seems extremely common sense, but I feel too often we forget that getting better at something requires practice and example.


For the rest of today I’ll probably chill out and play videogames while the rest of my country is fixated on the television. Before I rest I’ll probably also complete some job applications. The regular grind returns tomorrow. Monday, here we come.