Day 70 – A Year of Writing

Yesterday I began my internship in Product Design and UX, I’m really rather excited to get some good experience in the field. It’ll be challenging, but hopefully will be fruitful and rewarding. I recently took a slow-mo video of my electric kettle and figured it might be worth sharing on here. It’s dumb, but a good demonstration of the Google Pixel’s video and slow-mo. Enjoy, I guess haha.


Day 16 – A Year of Writing

Today I’m waiting for my phone to be delivered to my house. Sadly, my doorbell is unreliable and I’m standing watch at my front door for the Fedex delivery person. I chose Google’s Project Fi to be my new mobile carrier in the US, and used my recent graduation as an excuse to treat myself to the rather expensive Google Pixel. I’m so excited to try out both. I’ll be sure to write reviews of each and post them here to help any of my readers if they were considering Project Fi or the Google Pixel. While this time waiting could be spent productively, I’m feeling particularly boring today and just want to watch Netflix while I wait for my phone. I really hope it gets delivered today as modern life is strange without a cell phone.